War of Currents
War of Currents

Meet the Team

Ally Hall

Ally is a Scientific Journalism major at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. She enjoys studying physics and electrical engineering in her free time and has an interest in electronics and how they work. The project idea came to her after picking up a biography about Nikola Tesla a year prior to taking the Digital Humanities course, and she acted as the team leader for the development of this project. The schema design, graphic design and art of the website, transcription and some markup of documents were done by her.

Aaron Newton

Aaron is a fall of 2018 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg with a bachelors degree in IT. He loves hunting and playing sports as well as enjoying web and software development. Aaron contributed to the website development and the transcribing and markingup of documents.

Jamie Downey

Hi. My name is Jamie Downey. My major is American Studies and a minor in Art History and Architecture. This project we are working on is rseally interesting and I hope you enjoy it.

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