War of Currents
War of Currents
War of Currents

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AC vs. DC AC DC Number of Mentions 0 10 20 30 40 50

Out of 16 documents, there were a total of 83 times that a type of current was mentioned. Surprisingly, alternating current was mentioned a total of 50 times--a little over 60% of the total mentioned times--while direct current was mentioned a little over 39%.

Amount of Times Names Were Mentioned (Out of 16 Documents) 15 20+ 5 10 0 Edison [2] Tesla [31] Westinghouse [5] Thomson [5] Rau [6] Other [62]

Out of 16 documents, 111 names were marked. Surprisingly, Edison was only mentioned twice, with Tesla pulling ahead by a whopping 31 mentions--that's 25 more than Rau, who was mentioned six times. A reason this may be the case is the fact that, of the 16 documents, Edison's company was mentioned more than the man himself. The "Other" category includes people that were affected by the war of currents, judges and lawyers involved in the cases and settlements relating to the war, and miscellaneous mentioned professors and experts in the engineering field.

Number of Companies Mentioned Number of Mentions 0 5 10 15 20 Edison Westinghouse Thomson-Houston Siemens Other

Out of 16 documents, there were 38 different times that a company was mentioned. As we expected, The Edison Company was mentioned the most with a total of 19 times--outnumbering Westinghouse by 11. The total tallies are as followed: The Edison Company - 19, Westinghouse - 8, Thomson-Houston - 2, Siemens - 1, Other - 8.

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